The Canopy Shop

The Canopy Shop is an online retailer of professionally designed canopies and carports suitable for domestic and commercial use. The Homestyle Canopies are an extensive range of Patio Canopies, CarPorts, Caravan Covers, Door Canopies, Covered Walkways and more. The Canopy Shop also supplies commercial and bespoke canopies such as for covered play areas in schools, protected loading bays, outdoor storage areas, smoking shelters and cycle shelters.  Click here to view the Canopy Shop Gallery.


 Homestyle Canopies & Carports

With an extensive range of timeless designs, styles and sizes, Homestyle Canopies & Carports are superior quality, stylish and professionally designed canopies that add value and distinction to your home.


 Living Space UK Ltd

Living Space UK Ltd is a leading manufacturer of canopies, glazing bars and conservatory roof systems for domestic, educational and commercial use. Delivering across the UK, Living Space supplies Homestyle / Multi Purpose Canopies, Glazing Bars, Newdawn   Conservatory Roofing Systems and Sunwood   Timber Glazing Systems to trade customers for resale to the public.

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