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50mm Aluminium Capped Rafter Bar - Anthracite Grey and Mill

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The Anthracite grey Sunwood 50mm Wide Aluminium capped rafter bar is suitable for use with all thicknesses of glass. It also suits all thicknesses of Multiwall or solid Polycarbonate. This highest quality, screw down timber glazing bar has a durable powder coated finish.

It is also available in mill finish should you wish to powder coat the bar to another colour.

This bar comes complete with top and bottom gaskets for total waterproofing and screws are included. The Sunwood 50mm timber glazing bar has a smart, low profile appearance. This includes a neat clip in screw concealment cap for a sleek, modern finish.

Simply add an Aluminium F section to create an end bar.

This strong, high quality Sunwood glazing bar is especially good in high wind areas. Stainless steel screws are included.

Bar end caps include a glass stop and must be purchased separately. 

This bar is also available in White or Brown

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Uses of The Sunwood 50mm wide Rafter Bar

This modern, low profile 50mm wide aluminium capped rafter bar is suitable for use with all thicknesses of polycarbonate or glass. The 50mm wide Sunwood bars are perfectly suited for use in glass roofs including single paned glass and double glazed units. They are also suited to all other plastic roof sheets (with the exception of corrugated.) This includes solid polycarbonate and all of the popular thicknesses of multi-wall polycarbonate. Visually the bar is stylish and has a sleek low profile appearance. It also has a neat, rounded screw concealment cap. This makes it a perfect choice for high end, high quality roofs. This screw down rafter glazing bar is an excellent choice whether you want to create a new roof or refurbish or waterproof an existing one. The screw down design gives you a robust solution ideal for use in coastal or other exposed locations.

To create your end bars simply add Aluminium F Sections.


Available in the highly popular and very contemporary Anthracite grey (RAL 7016) which is powder coated for a durable and high end finish. It is also available in mill finish (unpainted) should you wish to powder coat it to another colour of your choice.

This 50mm screw down glazing bar is also available in a brown or white powder coated finish.

These aluminium capped rafter bars are also available in a 60mm width if that better suits the width of your rafters.

Bar end caps include a glass stop and must be purchased separately.


These screw down rafter bars are very easy to fit. They come complete with the gaskets you will require and the screws. To install first sit the base gasket onto your timber rafter. Your chosen glazing sits on top of this on either side. At the ends of your roof insert an Aluminium F Section which will fit into the outside of the bar to easily create an end bar. This will balance the bar and neatly cloak off the end of your roof. Use with the leg facing downwards for an open ended roof edge or with the prong facing upwards if it is against a wall and you are going to flash over it.

Next fit the gaskets into the aluminium top cap, this needs two gaskets that sit atop the glazing giving a watertight seal. 

Next the aluminium top cap is firmly screwed down between the glazing sheets using the central groove as a guide. This ensures a good central fixing through to your rafter, we recommend the screws be at around 300 - 400mm intervals.

There is a pre-cast tab on the back of the bar end cap which fits neatly into the central channel on the bar top cap. This has a pre-drilled hole to accommodate the countersunk screw which is included with the end cap.

Finally the screw concealment profile is then ‘clipped in.’ This will complete the smooth, sleek look.