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Rafter Supported Roofing

Rafter Supported Roofing

Rafter glazing bars are designed to be supported on wooden rafters and are ideal for conservatory roofs, canopies, carports, gazebos and many other projects. Within our range we have two types of PVC capped snap down rafter bars. We also have a range of aluminium capped screw down rafter glazing bars. We have rafter bars for polycarbonate roofs and rafter bars for glass roofs.

Our rafter supported roofing area not only has a wide range of rafter glazing bars, it also contains all of the associated trims and accessories for making up your timber supported lean to roof. Our rafter bar trims include sheet end closures, F sections, fixing buttons and all other accessories needed to complete your roof.

This range of rafter glazing bars is designed to be supported on wooden rafters and is ideal for conservatory roofs, canopies, carports, gazebos and many other applications. Within our range we have PVC and aluminium capped rafter glazing bars available. You will find rafter bars for polycarbonate and rafter bars for glass roofs here.

If you require components for a full shaped conservatory roof system including ridges, hips etc, please go to our Sunwood Timber Glazing section. If you will not have wooden rafters in place please go to our self supported roofs area.

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See our Guide to Timber supported roofs for what parts you need.


Rafter supported roofs are those that rely on rafters for structural support. Unlike self-support glazing bars, the rafter glazing bars do not have any structural strength and are simply used to fix the chosen glazing to the supporting framework below.

There are two main types of rafter glazing bars, aluminium capped screw down bars and PVC capped snap down glazing bars.

Aluminium capped rafter bars are suitable for all thicknesses of polycarbonate and glass. This includes solid and multiwall polycarbonate sheets. They are extremely hardwearing due to their powder coated finish and are excellent for a strong fix in exposed locations or those with high wind e.g. coastal areas. These bars are available in white, brown, anthracite grey or mill finish (if you would like to have them powder coated to a specific colour.) They are all available in 50mm or 60mm widths to suit your rafter width.

PVC capped rafter bars have a snap down cap which has dedicated locking points for specific sheet thicknesses. We have two sets of snap down bars. Each has an aluminium core and a PVC top cap. The first standard bar is suitable for 10mm, 16mm and 25mm polycarbonate sheets. The second is suitable for 25mm, 32mm & 35mm polycarbonate sheets. Both bars are available in white and brown. The 10mm – 25mm bar is also available in anthracite grey.

We also have a wide range of accessories to complete your rafter supported roofing projest, including:

  • Sheet end closures – for keeping moisture out of the open flutes at the end of the sheet
  • Aluminium F Sections
  • PVC F sections – aka universal edge trims
  • Eaves filler
  • Additional end caps
  • Anti dust tape – if you are cutting your sheets down on site
  • Fixing buttons
  • Anti dust tape


If you need any help or advice on your rafter supported roof, please give us a call on  01536 446395 and we will be happy to help.