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Lean-To Roof Kits

Lean-To Roof Kits

Lean To roof kits from The Glazing Shop contain all the components you need to install a lean to conservatory or canopy roof. With a range of thicknesses available, this quality self supporting roof system does not need rafters to support the glazing bars. The kits are available in white or brown and a choice of 16mm, 25mm and 35mm polycarbonate glazing. The polycarbonate sheets are available in clear, bronze and opal as standard however, we can supply Bronze Opal and Heatguard Opal options at additional cost. We can also offer a range of unglazed lean to roof kits that can be used with glass units. Please contact us on 01536 446395 for more details.

The projection of our Lean to roof kits are the roof bar lengths not the horizontal measurement across the ground.

All Glazing Shop Lean To roof kits include cut to size polycarbonate sheets, a Wall Plate, an Eaves Beam, two end glazing bars and the number of Intermediate Glazing Bars required structurally to suit the length and projection of your roof. As there are no rafters in place the roof must contain the right glazing bar centres and polycarbonate widths to be able to support itself properly. Kits also contain sheet end closures and all end caps.

Buying a lean to roof kit from the Glazing Shop gives you easy ordering and peace of mind that all of our components are properly specified to meet the challenges of the Great British weather. 

If you want a Lean to roof kit in another size please contact us or you can order the individual components from our Self Support Roofing area. If you do not need a self supporting roof and will have a timber rafters in place you can find everything you need in our Rafter Bars area. If you would like to add roof ventilation to your order we have a wide range of conservaory roof vents and accessories available.

Whatever roof you are planning on building, give us a call on 01536 446395 if you need any more help or advice, we will be happy to speak with you.

Please choose the thickness of glazing for your roof kit below: