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16mm Lean To Roof Kits

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16mm Roof Kits from the Glazing Shop are excellent value and easy to install. This strong heavy duty system is designed to self support so no wooden rafters are required to carry the glazing bars.

16mm Lean To roof kits can be used for revamping smaller unheated conservatories. 25mm or 35mm kits have better thermal insulation for conservatories that are to be used all year round.

Buying a lean to roof kit from the Glazing Shop gives you peace of mind that all of our components are properly specified and professionally manufactured to meet the challenges of the Great British weather.

The kits are available in brown or white and the polycarbonate in a choice of three colours - clear, opal or bronze.

All 16mm roof kits include a Wall Plate (A) and an Eaves Beam (B) PVC capped self support glazing bars (C) including two dedicated end bars (D), cut to size polycarbonate sheets (E) and PVC sheet closures for the ends of the sheets (F). Rainwater goods are not included.

The projection is the roof bar length not the horizontal floor measurement.

For a price or to order - first choose your colours, then your roof size from the following standard lengths and projections:

The components for these kits are calculated for use on a conservatory. If using for a canopy an additional eaves support and potentially more glazing bars will be needed - call us for details. If you want a size that is not listed please call us on 01536 446395 as we can make one to suit. 

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What exactly will my roof kit contain and will it be properly specified structurally?

All Glazing Shop roof kits include a Wall Plate, an Eaves Beam, two end glazing bars and the number of Intermediate Glazing Bars required structurally to suit the length and projection of your roof. As there are no rafters in place the roof must contain the right glazing bar centres and polycarbonate widths to be able to support itself properly. With this in mind, also included in your roof kit are 16mm polycarbonate sheets cut to the correct widths and lengths for the roof kit size of your choice. Our polycarbonate sheets come taped for you, ready for you to attach the sheet end closures which are also supplied as part of your kit.

If you need any more information please give us a call on 01536 446395 and we will be happy to help.