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Polycarbonate Roof Vents

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Polycarbonate roof vents are used to ventilate polycarbonate conservatories. A polycarbonate roof vent allows heat to escape through the roof of your conservatory rather than building up underneath it. This helps your conservatory to be a more usable space in the summer months. Polycarbonate roof vents from the Glazing shop are bar to bar conservatory roof vents. They fit directly between the glazing bars for additional strength and a watertight finish, rather than sitting within the sheets themselves. These polycarbonate roof vents have a slim unobtrusive frame for minimum impact from inside your conservatory. The polycarbonate roof vent is made to measure to fit your roof at no extra cost. They are easy to fit and are suitable for new roofs or can be retrofitted into older roofs. Highest quality, yet fantastic value, conservatory roof ventilation for 25mm & 32mm & 35mm polycarbonate roofs:

  • Bar to bar, not floating in the sheet for a leak proof finish
  • Wide range of colours
  • 25mm polycarbonate roof vents and 32mm & 35mm polycarbonate roof vents
  • Foiled aluminium outer and PVC inner finish
  • Made to measure conservatory roof vents at no extra cost
  • Any size from 500mm to 1000mm in both width and drop.
  • Electrically or manually operated. We have a wide range of polycarbonate roof vent accessories including electronic opening and climate control. 

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* Please note 32 & 35mm polycarbonate roof vents come glazed as standard. 25mm roof vents can be glazed or unglazed, just select the option you want.

View our information sheet on how to calculate your glazing sizes.

Please note our roof vents are not suitable for use with PVC capped rafter glazing bars.

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Polycarbonate conservatory roof ventilation

Conservatory roof vents are a cost effective way to help ventilate and cool your conservatory. In the summer months heat can build up making conservatories uncomfortably hot. The introduction of a polycarbonate roof vent allows the rising hot air to escape through your roof rather than build up underneath it. 

Our polycarbonate roof vents are made to order to your sizes at no extra cost. They come in any size between 500mm and 1000mm in both the width and the drop. The polycarbonate roof vent can be supplied glazed or unglazed. Polycarbonate roof vents are available in a wide range of colours. They are fixed between your glazing bars instead of floating within the polycarbonate sheet which can lead to leaks. 

The polycarbonate roof vent has a detachable glazing unit which allows unhindered access. The glazing unit opens up to 90 degrees when fitted. The glazing unit has an aluminium frame for rigidity and strength. The specially engineered PVC internal frame has securely welded corners. This internal frame is thermally broken from the aluminium frame.

Installation instructions for your polycarbonate roof vent

Follow our polycarbonate roof vent installation instructions for easy fitting. If you are buying the roof vent unglazed, please take a look at the assembly instructions for glazing the unit on site.

Operating your polycarbonate roof vent

The polycarbonate roof vents can be electrically or manually operated. For electronically operated roof vents, please add the motorised opening unit. You can also add climate conrol which allows you to pre set the vent to open and close automatically as the conservatory heats or cools. This will also close the vent for you if it starts to rain. You can find all of the accessories you could need in our range of roof vent accessories.