The short answer is a resounding YES in many applications but in others, it is an equally loud NO. Let’s look at how these break down

Where the answer is YES….

Application                                                  Why?

Conservatory roofs                                         Better Insulation against heat and cold

                                                                       Heat Guard and Bronze Opal dual coloured sheets are both available in 35mm                                                                                            polycarbonate sheets. These improve insulation considerably giving your                                                                                                        conservatory much more protection for year round use

                                                                       Insulated rooms give savings in heating bills in colder months

                                                                       Very strong - shatterproof

                                                                      Very rigid - wider spaces between glazing bars can be achieved saving you                                                                                                 money to offset some of the costs.


Commercial roofing applications                     Often larger areas where the bar spans would yield greater savings.        

                                                                         Stronger, more rigid sheets with lower UV ratings will more likely be specified for                                                                                               building control.                                        

Where the answer is NO

Application                                                        Why?

Canopies & carports                                        No need for extra insulation as these are open structures

Smaller unheated conservatories                    If they are not wanted for all year round use, it would be better to go for                                                                                                        25mm polycarbonate and save the difference.