A door canopy is a feature of a home that may sometimes be overlooked, but a well-constructed and designed structure can make a big difference to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a property. A door canopy serves as both a practical shelter from the outside elements, and also is an eye-catching architectural feature that is a surefire way to boost kerb appeal.

Whether you’re looking for protection, style, and more, a door canopy is always a good investment. Here at The Glazing Shop, we offer more than just roof glazing products, and have a wide range of  over door canopies.

But what different kinds are available, and what makes them such a great feature?

We’ve written this guide to find out, so let’s take a look.

The Benefits of Having a Door Canopy

Door canopies have many advantages when added to your home, and here are five of them:

Protection from the Weather

If you’ve ever ran home in the rain and you get to your front door only to spend a few more seconds in the downpour as you fumble for your keys, you will already know the importance of an over door canopy. These are perfect for providing some protection from the weather, no matter if it’s snow, sun, or rain. This doesn’t just protect you, but also your door.

Increased Kerb Appeal

A canopy is a lovely touch when added to a property and can turn a simple door into a really stylish and appealing entrance to a home. This is sure to boost your kerb appeal, as your entryway is completely transformed and is packed with charm and style. This could also help you boost the price of your home, with the value increasing through the decorative touch and a great first impression.

Added Functionality

What do you use the space in front of your door for? Probably not a lot as anything left out there is open to the elements. Well, not with a door canopy, as depending on the size you can get a spot that is protected from the weather, meaning you can use it for a different use, such as storing shoes, umbrellas, and not having to drag mud and water inside.

Less Maintenance 

The door is an important part of a property, and is one of the first things that visitors encounter. Keeping it clean and well maintained is important so it looks nice, but also so it is secure. Not having a canopy can leave your door open to damage and the weather, which over time can leave it looking dirty or damaged. A canopy can provide a protection against this.

They’re Versatile

One of the best things about a door canopy is there are so many different styles out there that you can always find the perfect one for you. No matter the size of your door or the theme of your property, there will be something for you that complements and enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.

These are just a handful of the benefits of door canopies, so why not head over to The Glazing shop now and take a look at our products.


We have two categories of canopy, and we’d like to introduce them to you now.

Different Types of Door Canopy from The Glazing Shop

We have two main categories of door canopy available, and these are:

GRP Over Door Canopies 

GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is a structure that is always really popular. This material can be used in a variety of ways, including traditional styles and more modern approaches. Whether you’re looking for something flat, or something in a pitched or sloping shape, we have the perfect product for you to bring your doorway to life. These are a classic canopy, and always offer a stylish approach to transforming your doorway.

Contemporary Over Door Canopies

We also offer a wide range of contemporary canopies, that can be used to add a modern twist to your property. These canopies are popular due to their smooth and sleek design, as well as being a really durable and long-lasting choice. They are based on solid canopy frames, with UV protected roof panels to provide plenty of protection to the people and property underneath.

How to Pick the Right Canopy for Your Home

Firstly, assess your needs and work out why you would really like a canopy. Is it for style, protection, or both? This should help you find the right canopy for you.

Next up, consider the style of your property and try and choose something that will fit in perfectly.

You must always set a budget first and include any installation costs in this as these can add up if you are using professional help to install it. That said, many of our door canopies can be easily installed by a competent DIYer so check out the assembly instructions first to see if this is something you could handle yourself.

Door Canopies from The Glazing Shop

If you have read this blog and think a door canopy could be a good choice for you, then why not purchase one from The Glazing Shop. We have a wide range available, so are sure to find the perfect one for you and your home.

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