The Sunwood aluminium capped rafter bar – why it is top of our list and should be top of your roof!!

When looking for a rafter bar there are lots of different types out there to suit a range of projects and a wide range of budgets. The best of the bunch in our opinion is the aluminium capped rafter bar from the Sunwood range.

This range has been tried and tested in the market place for over 30 years and this simply designed yet very attractive bar has been there from the start.

It has many advantages over a PVC capped bar both in terms of appearance and strength. It costs a bit more due to its powder coated aluminium make up but there are many benefits to easily justify that.

It suits any thickness of glazing

The bar top cap screws down to accommodate any thickness of glazing. From the thinnest of sheets to the thickest of units. A PVC capped bar has set points for set thicknesses of glazing restricting the glazing you can use. They commonly also start at 10mm so if your sheets are thinner then the bars can’t accommodate them.

It suits polycarbonate or glass

Unlike the PVC capped rafter bars with a snap down top cap that fits preset thicknesses, this screw down bar is equally suited to all flat glazing materials. These include structured or multiwall polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate and glass. The cast aluminium end cap also includes a built in glass stop for extra stability.

It suits all locations & climates

Perfectly suited to locations which are higher, coastal or generally windier, this screw down glazing bar gives a solid fixing. As the main components of the bar are powder coated aluminium it will also not suffer in too much sun as PVC can eventually do over time.

It is beautifully low profile

This glazing bar looks neat and sleek with a low profile structure and screw concealment capping. Its rounded design makes the bar blend beautifully into your roof’s aesthetics, equally suited to modern and more traditional buildings.

It is very low maintenance

A powder coated finish gives durable maintenance free service for many years to come.

It is practical and watertight.

With this aluminium capped screw down glazing bar your glazing is trapped neatly and effectively between a heavy duty base gasket that sits on your rafter, and two top gaskets that run along either edge of the bar. This creates a secure fixing and ensures a totally waterproof finish to your roof.

It is available in colours to suit your job

The bar is available in White, brown and Anthracite grey as standard but there is also a mill finish option. You can then have this powder coated to your chosen colour, should you have a particular shade you need to match.

It has a full range of complimentary trims

The Glazing shop has a wide range of trims such as Aluminium F Sections and sheet end closures should you require them to complete your project.


If you need any more help or information on which bar to choose for your project, give us a call on 01536 446395 and we will be delighted to help.