Wow its cold this morning. Frost on the grass and a bitter chill in the air. Living in a Victorian house means that I have beautiful windows. Lovely details on the wood which would be totally lost were I to get double glazing. There is a solution though. I can have warmer rooms AND beautifully crafted windows with Ecoease Secondary Glazing.

I have heard lots of good things about this glazing system from customers over the years. So when I ask myself 'how can I get warmer rooms this winter?' I know the answer straightaway. Ecoease secondary glazing is a magnetic system which creates a layer of static air between your original glass and your Ecoease glazing sheet. This air tight space creates an insulating layer between the cold outside glass and the warm secondary glazing sheet. Not only does this warm up your room considerably, if on all of the windows inthat room of course! It also gets rid of horrible condensation, leaving your windows dry and clear.

I've measured up for the made to measure version as I want an easy to fit and mess-less solution. I'll keep you posted! I am really confident that this will work for me from the feedback I get.