We often get calls in the winter time from gardeners who have come across damaged glass panes or acrylic panels on their greenhouses. They ask me 'is polycarbonate suitable to replace broken greenhouse panels?’

Many older greenhouses are glazed with horticultural glass. This breaks easily and whilst it is cheap to buy, it is difficult to transport and handle. This 3mm glass is overlapped on site and is very hard to keep clean as mould and algae gathers in the joints.

A cost effective and very popular alternative replacement greenhouse glazing is twinwall polycarbonate.  

Twin wall polycarbonate has the advantage that it is very light weight and easy to handle. The structure of the sheets, with two walls and flutes along its length, makes it up to 200x times stronger than glass and it is virtually shatterproof.  This structure also gives much better insulation than glass in the winter months. Make sure if you choose this for replacement that you include enough glazing clips to hold it securely in place on windier days.

At the Glazing Shop we have a number of options for glazing your greenhouse. The two most popular ticknesses arer 4mm and 6mm twinwall polycarbonate sheets. Our twinwall polycarbonate is well priced and we cut the panels to your exact sizes totally Free of Charge. Whilst it is easy to cut on site, why bother if we do it for you!  If however you panels are standard sizes we offer greenhouse glazing panels in a range of popular sizes here or in packs of ten.