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Greenhouse Glazing Panels

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4mm Twinwall polycarbonate is an ideal replacement for broken glass panels in your greenhouse. Thermally superior and 200x stronger than glass, polycarbonate is much lighter weight and safer to handle. The greenhouse glazing panels are UV protected on one side. Available in standard sizes, it is easy to trim to size on site with a Stanley knife or similar. This replacement glazing allows you to revamp your greenhouse easily and economically. Flutes ends can be taped with 10mm breather tape.

Widths of 610mm & 1220mm in a range of lengths

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If you need non-standard sizes, we can also supply 4mm twinwall polycarbonate cut to the size you need.

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4mm Twinwall Polycarbonate Greenhouse Glazing

Mainly used for Greenhouse glazing, 4mm twinwall sheets are manufactured from damage-resistant polycarbonate. This has added, co-extruded long life protection from the effects of UV rays. The high performance UV absorption layer means longer life and prevention of yellowing and loss of strength. Polycarbonate is incredibly strong with very high impact resistance. Polycarbonate offers excellent protection against vandalism and accidental damage with an impact resistance up to 200 times greater than glass. This characteristic is maintained over a broad temperature range and prolonged service life. Polycarbonate also has fine optical clarity. 

Main Benefits

       . High levels of natural light
       . Light weight and easy to handle
       . High optical clarity
       . Thermally insulating
    . Damage and impact resistance
    . Weatherable Longlife UV protection
    . 10 year warranty       
    . Perfect for replacing greenhouse sheets


       . Greenhouses

       . Vertical, Secondary and Internal Glazing



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Thickness Chart

4mm Polycarbonate Sheet Thickness  
U-Value 3.8
Light Transmission 82%
Weight (kg per sqm) 0.8