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Anti Dust Tape

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Anti Dust Tape for polycarbonate sheets prevents dust from entering the ends of the sheets. The tape is perforated allowing it to breathe. We have polycarbonate tapes for all sheet thicknesses. Choose from dust tapes suitable for 10mm, 16mm, 25mm or 35mm polycarbonate. Supplied in 33m rolls.

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The Glazing Shop supplies a full range of 'antidust' tape or 'breather tape' to protect the ends of polycarbonate sheets from dust and insect ingress. All multiwall polycarbonate sheets from the Glazing Shop which are 10mm thickness or above come ready taped for your convenience. If you will be cutting your sheets down you will need to buy additional tape so you can re-tape them afterwards.

How to fit antidust tape

First select the correct tape for your sheet thickness

Cut the tape to 50mm wider than the width of your sheet. You want to allow it to be 25mm oversized at each end.

Peel back the protective film on both sides of your sheet to allow enough room for an overlap of the tape.

Ensure the sheet end is clean and free from dirt or moisture.

The tape should be placed so that it overhangs the top and bottom surfaces of the sheet equally. Stick the tape to the top surface along the width of the sheet.

Now go along the width of the sheet folding the tape over the open flutes and sticking the tape with an equal overhang to the bottom surface.  

Now fold and stick down the 25mm overhang at each end to form a neat seal.

You are now ready to attach your sheet end closure. This should always be fitted over the tape to prevent water ingress to the sheet.

FAQs for anti dust tape

Do you need anti-dust tape for 4mm and 6mm twinwall polycarbonate?

Tape is not produced for 4mm and 6mm polycarbonate as this sheet thickness is not generally used in roof structures. It is generally used for greenhouse glazing or internal applications.

Do you need breather tape for solid polycarbonate?

You do not need tape for solid polycarbonate as it has no flutes for dust or moisture to collect within.

Is the same tape used for the top and bottom of the sheets?

NO. The top end of the sheets come taped with solid aluminium tapes whereas the bottom of the sheets need a perforated one to help allow moisture / condensation to escape.

Which tape do I need if I am cutting my sheets down?

You would generally only need the perforated anti-dust tape as you would only cut one end of the sheet, this would ideally be the bottom edge. If you cut both ends you would need both tapes.


If you need any further information or advice concerning our anti dust tapes or anything else, please don't hesitate to call us on 01536 446395.