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10mm Polycarbonate Sheets

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10mm polycarbonate sheets are light weight and great value for money. 10mm polycarbonate roofing sheets have a twin wall structure which makes them lighter and easier to handle. They are most commonly used for carport roofs and canopy roofs. 10mm polycarbonate sheet is the most popular thickness and is easily installed with rafter glazing bars. Great for replacing corrugated sheets in older carports. 10mm polycarbonate sheets can also be used for some replacement greenhouse glazing and are also suitable for screens and partitions.

10mm polycarbonate sheets are available in Clear, Opal and Bronze colours. 

TOTALLY FREE CUT TO SIZE SERVICE. We can cut your 10mm polycarbonate sheets to size for you at no extra cost for a quicker and easier installation. You can also trim them on site if you prefer.

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10mm Twin wall Polycarbonate Sheets

10mm twin wall polycarbonate sheet is very cost effective and suited to a wide range of projects. Ideal for Lean To roofs, canopy roofs and carports this plastic roof sheet is light weight and easy to handle. 10mm polycarbonate sheets are an excellent glazing material which are very resistant to damage. 10mm polycarbonate sheet is co-extruded with a UV inhibiting layer for longer life. The high-performance UV layer offers protection from some of the sun’s rays. It also protects the sheet against loss of strength and yellowing. 10mm twin wall is not generally chosen for its insulation properties. A thicker form of multiwall polycarbonate would be better in this sort of glazing application as the additional walls and cavities give more layers of insulation. In fact, 10mm polycarbonate roofing panels are commonly used in applications where this is not necessary. For example, canopy roofs, carport roofs and other open structures. 10mm polycarbonate sheets are twin-wall and the flutes run down the length of the sheet. This wall and cavity structure, as well as the inert strength of the polycarbonate it is made from, makes it very strong. This means that multi-wall polycarbonate sheets resist impact by up to 200x more than glass. This structure stands up well against accidental damage and vandalism. These properties are maintained for a long time, hence its 10-year warranty. 10mm polycarbonate roofing sheets are much lighter weight than glass. This makes them an easier and safer to install alternative to glass. 10mm polycarbonate sheet is easily installed with PVC capped or aluminium capped rafter bars. We recommend the sheets are a maximum of 600mm width between supports.

Main Benefits

       . Very cost effective and versatile
       . Compatible with most glazing bar systems
       . Lets in high levels of natural light
    . Very light weight and easy to handle
    . Damage and impact resistance
    . Fire resistance - Class 1 surface spread of flame when tested to BS476 Part 7       
    . 10 year warranty


       . Canopies
       . Carports
       . Gazebos
       . Curved Roof Canopies
       . Greenhouse glazing
       . Cycle Shelters
       . Open structures
       . Signs and internal applications like set designing 


Tints: Clear, Opal & Bronze

Glazing bars for 10mm twin wall polycarbonate panels

Rafter glazing bars are used with 10mm polycarbonate sheets. These bars are supported by, and screwed into, wooden rafters along their length. We have a choice of PVC capped rafter glazing bars which are the most cost-effective solution and aluminium screw down ones.  

The PVC capped bars are available in a range of lengths in White, Brown and Anthracite grey.

The aluminium capped glazing bars are available in 50mm and 60mm widths and a range of lengths. They come in White, Brown and Anthracite grey as standard. They are also available in mill finish should you want to powder coat them to another RAL colour to suit your project.

Other parts needed for a 10mm twinwall polycarbonate roof

You will need your rafter bars as described above with either PVC or aluminium capping. You will start and end your roof with a glazing bar and use them between your sheets as a joining bar.

To create the end bars, you use the standard rafter bars and add trims to balance up the empty outside of the bar and neatly cloak off the ends of the roof. You add a universal edge trim to the PVC capped glazing bars and 10mm aluminium F sections in the aluminium capped bars. You also need a 10mm sheet end closure to seal the bottom edge of the sheet against moisture ingress.


For extra information about all of the thicknesses of structured polycarbonate, their colours, applications and prices, or to place an order have a look at polycarbonate sheets pages. Alternatively have a look at our Polycarbonate Buyers guide.


Should you have any questions or need any help at all please call us on 01536 446395 and we will be very happy to help you.


Technical Information

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet Thickness
  Clear Opal Bronze
U-Value 3.0 3.0 3.0
Light Transmission 79% 30% 35%
Weight (kg per sqm) 1.7 1.7 1.7


Sheet Structure:

10mm Twin wall with the flutes running down the length of the sheet


BS476/7: Class 1

UV Protection:

Yes on the top surface – the sheet must be installed the correct way up – the side with the print on the protective film goes upwards, when print is on both sides, one will say which side is the top.

Cutting Tolerance:

Length & Width: +/-5mm


10 year manufacturer's limited warranty

Additional Manufacturer's information

Please open or download the following pdfs

SUNLITE Polycarbonate Data Sheet SUNLITE Installation Guide Polycarbonate Care and Maintenance - Palram


Frequently Asked questions


Do I need 10mm solid or 10mm twin wall polycarbonate? 

Structure of 10mm twin wall polycarbonate

Twin wall polycarbonate is a structured sheet which means it is made up of walls and cavities known as flutes. Because of its structure it is light weight and easy to handle. Twin wall polycarbonate is hard wearing and generally used in roofing projects like car port roofs and canopy roofs. It is very cost effective and will give protection for many years to come.

Solid polycarbonate is exactly as it sounds, a solid sheet.  It is very clear, or glass like, in appearance but much stronger than glass. It is generally used in displays or in security glazing.

Which are the length and width of a twin wall sheet?

 Length and width of 10mm twin wall polcarbonate sheets

The length follows the lines of the flutes down the sheet and the width is across them. The maximum sheet size for 10mm polycarbonate sheet is 7m length x 2.1m width. We offer a full cut to sizes service on our 10mm twinwall polycarbonate to save you the job of cutting them down on site. This is completely free of charge meaning you only pay for what you need. 

Which way up does my 10mm polycarbonate sheet go?

Polycarbonate sheets are delivered with a peel off protective film covering both sides. The top side of the sheet has co-extruded (built in) UV protection so the sheet must be installed the right way up. Generally, only one side of the sheet will have writing on the protective film. That indicates that it is the top of the sheet, and the roof sheet should be fitted with that side facing the sky. If there is writing on both sides look for the one that says, 'this side up'.

Do the ends of the sheets need to be taped?

Yes, the open ends of the 10mm polycarbonate sheet always need to be taped to prevent ingress of dust and insects. Our sheets come cut to size and are taped for your convenience. The top edge is taped with a solid aluminium one and the bottom with perforated anti-dust tape. If you will cut the sheets on site you will need a roll of anti-dust tape to retape them. 

Which colour of 10mm polycarbonate should I choose?

Clear 10mm polycarbonate is the most popular choice. This allows lots of light to shine through and has a light transmission of 79%. Perfect if used on a roof outside of a room where light is already limited e.g in a patio canopy attached to your house. The downside is that you will see any debris that may build up on the roof so you will need to maintain it more regularly.

Opal 10mm twin wall polycarbonate has a translucent white appearance like that of an opal light bulb. The light through it is softer and diffused with a light transmission of 30%. While this percentage is lower, it does however help to reflect and bounce light around more under it, so it appears brighter. Opal polycarbonate is also good at obscuring the view through it so it is perfect for a canopy that will be overlooked by neighbours or to obscure leaves or debris that may fall onto it.  

Bronze 10mm polycarbonate, as its name suggests has a brown / bronze tint. This colour option particularly suits brown glazing bars which may be chosen to tie in with the window paintwork on your house or with a wooden frame. Light transmission of 10mm bronze polycarbonate is 35%. This colour will give more shade than clear and is good in areas where you want to reduce the glare of the sun.

Is 10mm polycarbonate sheet the best thickness for my project?

10mm polycarbonate is the thinnest sheet that you would use for a roofing project. It is very cost effective, light weight and easy to handle. You would use 10mm polycarbonate sheets on open structures like a canopy roof, car port roof or other structures that do not need high levels of insulation. You would not use 10mm polycarbonate for a conservatory as it would not give enough thermal insulation and a thicker sheet would be needed. 10mm polycarbonate sheets need to keep glazing bar centres at around 600mm as this is its maximum unsupported span.  If your rafters are wider than this, you would need to increase the thickness of your sheets.

These sheets are very economical, does that mean they are lesser quality?

Not at all! 10mm polycarbonate sheet is the best-selling in our range. This is because it is still of the highest quality whilst offering excellent value for money. Use it in the right application and follow the recommended spans, and it will give you years of attractive and practical coverage for your roof. 

Does the 10mm polycarbonate from the Glazing shop have a warranty?

Yes, all polycarbonate sheets from the Glazing shop have a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


If you have any other queries that aren't answered here, please give us a call on 01536 446395 and we will be happy to help you.