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Sheet Closure - White & Brown

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Superior Sheet End Closure. Use for cloaking off the ends of your polycarbonate sheets to prevent moisture and dust ingress. Has an integrated co-extruded gasket in the upper lip which provides an excellent waterproof barrier.  It also has breather holes on the underside to improve ventilation and reduce condensation. There is also an anthracite grey version of this closure seperately.

Colours: White & Brown 

Thickness: 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 32mm / 35mm

Lengths: 2.5m & 5m

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Sheet Closures are sometimes referred to as Sheet End Closures, polycarbonate closers or U Trim.

When polycarbonate is used as part of a roof they are pushed on top of the anti dust tapes on the ends of the sheet. They prevent water getting into the open ends or ‘flutes’ of the sheets and  prevent moisture ingress. They are used on the lower ends of a ‘Lean To’ roof (the gutter end) but should also be used on the top edge if the structure is open e.g a freestanding structure like a pergola.

A sheet closure can also be used to cover the exposed edges of double glazed units on a roof to neaten the appearance. They would suit 16mm, 24mm & 34mm units.

Fitting Sheet End closures

The sheet closures are a PVC ‘U’ section and as such can be easily cut to size with a sharp blade or hand saw. They can then simply be pushed on to the edge of the sheet between the glazing bars. It is recommended that you add a small bead of Silicon to secure the sheet closer further. You must ensure the silicon is suitable for use with polycarbonate therefore it must be a low modulus neutral cure one.