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32mm Polycarbonate Sheets

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32mm polycarbonate sheets are a high spec product with high insulation properties. Traditionally used in conservatories it is not such a popular choice since the introduction of 35mm. Mainly used for replacing sheets in existing roofs. 10 year warranty.

Colours: Clear, Opal and Bronze tints.

32mm polycarbonate is also available in Heatguard and Bronze Opal for even better insulation against heat and cold. Follow this link for Information and pricing for these dual-tinted 32mm sheets.

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32mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting

An insulating glazing material manufactured from damage-resistant polycarbonate. It has added co-extruded long life protection from the effects of UV rays. This UV absorbing layer gives longer life to the sheet. This also prevents yellowing and loss of strength. 32mm Polycarbonate has high impact resistance. As a result it offers excellent protection against vandalism and accidental damage. It has excellent fire performance and good optical clarity.

Main Benefits

       . Saves energy
       . Allows good levels of natural light
       . Light weight
       . Easier to handle than glass
    . Thermally insulating
    . Has resistance to impact and damage
    . UV protection for longer sheet life
    . Excellent fire performance - Class 1 surface spread of flame when tested to BS476 Part 7       
    . 10 year warranty


       . Conservatory roofs
       . Industrial Rooflights
       . Swimming Pool Room roofs


Tints: Clear, Opal, Bronze

There are also dual tint options available for better thermal insulation. These include 32mm Heatguard and Bronze Opal options. 

Glazing bars for 32mm multi-wall polycarbonate

You can use 32mm polycarbonate with either self-support glazing bars or rafter supported ones.

Self-support glazing bars do not need wooden rafter support as they are a structural bar, and you fix them via the eaves beam and the wall plate. Your roof will start on the left and end on the right with end glazing bars. Between each sheet you will have your main bars. Our self-support glazing bars for 32mm polycarbonate are available in a wide range of colours and lengths. You can find these, and all the other profiles needed to build a self-supported lean to roof in our self-support system area of the site.

Rafter glazing bars are screwed into supporting wooden rafters along the length of the bars. They have no structural ability within the bar itself and rely upon the wooden framework for support.

We recommend aluminium capped rafter bars with 32mm polycarbonate sheets. We supply these in two widths of 50mm and 60mm and have a range of colours and lengths.

Other parts needed for a ‘Lean to’ 32mm polycarbonate roof

There are two main types of 32mm polycarbonate roof. Self-supported and Rafter supported roofs.

32mm self-supported lean-to roofs  have dedicated end bars and main / intermediate bars. There is a dedicated wall plate within this system for the higher end of the roof to fix it to the wall. and an eaves beam for the lower, front end where the gutter will be attached. You will also need 32mm sheet end closures to stop water penetration into the flutes at the bottom edge of the sheets. You push these U-shaped trims over the anti-dust tape.

32mm Rafter supported roofs  need rafter glazing bars and we recommend our aluminium capped bars for 32mm polycarbonate projects. Your roof will start and end with glazing bars and you will have joining bars between each sheet. These are the same bars, and you simply add an aluminium F section to create your end bars. These durable, powder coated trims will balance up the outside of the end bars where there is no glazing and finish off the edges of your roof. Finally, you will fit 32mm sheet end closures over the anti-dust tape on the bottom of your sheets, these will prevent moisture ingress.

For additional information about all of the thicknesses of structured polycarbonate, their colours, applications and prices, or to place an order, have a look at the polycarbonate sheets pages. Alternatively have a read through our Polycarbonate Buyers guide.


Should you have any questions or need any help at all please give us a call on 01536 446395 and we will be very happy to help you.

32mm Polycarbonate Technical Information Summary

32mm Polycarbonate Sheet Thickness
  Clear Opal Bronze
U-Value 1.25 1.25 1.25
Light Transmission 64% 33% 7%
Weight (kg per sqm) 3.6 3.6 3.6


Sheet Structure:

32mm seven-wall polycarbonate


BS476/7: Class 1

UV Protection:

Yes this is co-extruded at the top of the sheet – the sheet must be installed with the UV protected layer facing the sky. Both surfaces of the sheet have a removable protective film. If only one side is printed, this is the top surface of the sheet. When both sides are printed, one will identify ‘this way up’.

Cutting Tolerance:

Length & Width: +/-5mm


10 years manufacturers limited warranty


Additional Manufacturers information


Please open or download the following pdfs

Marlon st Polycarbonate Specification Sheet - 32mm & 35mm sheets (all colours)

Frequently Asked questions

What is 32mm ‘multi wall’ polycarbonate?

Structure of 32mm twin wall polycarbonate

The term multi-wall refers to the structure of the polycarbonate sheet. The 32mm polycarbonate has seven walls with cavities in between. These are known as ‘flutes.’ The multi-wall make-up of the sheet makes it lighter weight and easier to handle when compared to glass. The creation of the hollow sections or ‘flutes’ gives the sheet elevated levels of thermal insulation. This design feature was developed for conservatory roofs.

Which are the length and width of a multiwall sheet?

Length and width of 32mm polcarbonate sheets

The length of the sheet follows the flutes down it. The width of the sheet goes across them. The maximum extruded width of a sheet is 2.1m and the maximum length is 7m. We will cut your sheets to the size you need at no extra cost. This helps you to save time and inconvenience on site.

Is there a correct way up for 32mm polycarbonate sheeting?

The upper surface of the sheet has a UV protective layer which is co-extruded when the sheet is formed. This reduces the penetration of the sun’s rays and prevents the sheet discolouring. You must always take care when you install the sheet to ensure it is the right way up. There is a removable protective film on both sides of the sheet. If only one surface has writing on it, this is the top of the sheet. If there is print on both sides, one will say ‘this side up'.

Do you need to tape 32mm polycarbonate sheeting?

Yes, the open ends of your 32mm polycarbonate sheet always need to be taped. This will prevent dust and insects getting into the flutes. All our 32mm sheets come pre-taped for your convenience, we do not charge any extra for this. If you will need to cut the sheets down on site, you will need to buy additional 35mm anti dust tape so you can retape them afterwards.

What colour of 32mm polycarbonate sheet should I choose?

32mm polycarbonate is available in clear, opal and bronze tints. It is also available in dual tint options. These are Heatguard Opal and Bronze Opal.

32mm clear polycarbonate has 64% light transmission, this allows lots of light to shine through. Clear 32mm polycarbonate will allow a diffused view of the sky through it but will show and debris on the roof slightly more than the other tints.

32mm opal polycarbonate has a translucent opal / white appearance. This is like the appearance of an opal light bulb. It has a light transmission of 33% which allows more diffused light through it. The translucency offers excellent privacy. Particularly useful to prevent your space being overlooked by neighbours. The opacity also helps any leaves or debris which may fall on to the roof less obvious from below.

32mm bronze polycarbonate has a brown / bronze tint. This colour is often teamed up with brown glazing bars and accessories to match brown windows or conservatories. With a light transmission of 7%, 32mm bronze lets the least light through.

32mm heatguard polycarbonate is a dual tinted sheet with a silver-grey upper section and an opal lower one. This dual tint sheet is ideal for conservatories where thermal insulation is paramount. The heatguard surface of the sheet serves to reflect the sun’s rays, reducing heat build-up by up to 50%. This also helps to keep the heat in on colder days. The light transmission of this sheet is 4%. However, the opal inner surface helps to bounce light around internally, this helps to keep the room lighter.

32mm Bronze-Opal polycarbonate is dual-coloured polycarbonate sheet which has a bronze upper surface and an opal tinted lower surface. The bronze upper surface reflects the sun’s rays, and the opal lower helps to reflect light under it. It is an extremely good thermally insulating sheet which offers protection from the sun entering your room in the summer months and heat escaping in the colder ones.

What projects are 32mm polycarbonate sheets suitable for?

32mm polycarbonate sheets were specifically designed for use in conservatory roofs to give them higher levels of thermal insulation. 32mm polycarbonate sheets have a multiwall structure which makes them lighter weight and easier to manage than glass.

The maximum recommended unsupported span is around 1000mm on a rafter supported roof however you may need extra support if the roof has a longer projection. On a self-supported roof, you need to follow the bar’s structural abilities, so you may need to reduce the sheet widths further.

These sheets are also a smart choice for commercial and industrial projects, particularly for roofing and rooflights.

32mm polycarbonate is also an excellent choice for covering fishponds due to its insulation properties.

Are 32mm polycarbonate sheets from the Glazing high quality?

Our 32mm polycarbonate sheet is the highest quality from market leading extruders. 

Is there a warranty with 32mm polycarbonate from the Glazing shop?

All the polycarbonate sheets from the Glazing shop have a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty giving you peace of mind.