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Universal Edge Trim

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This Universal Edge Trim/Sheet Closure is suitable for use with 10mm, 16mm or 25mm polycarbonate. 

When used as an edge trim it is designed to be held securely in the grooves in the pvc rafter bar base. You simply leave the bottom gasket out of the outside of the bar and the trim clips into its place. When used as a sheet end closure the internal stop ensures a gap for ventilation and drainage. This should not be used without a glazing bar at the ends of the roof. 

Thickness: 10mm, 16mm, 25mm
Colour: White, Brown
Length: 3m, 4m

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This PVC F-Section is the ideal way to finish off the left and right edges of your roof when installing polycarbonate sheets. It is not designed to be used on its own as it will not be effective against wind uplift. This finishing trim was specifically designed for use with our PVC capped rafter bars to make them into edge bars.  When used with this bar it slides or clips into the outside of the glazing bar base to balance up the bar, create a neat finish, a waterproof seal and to resist wind uplift. 

This section can also be used as a sheet end closure.


This Universal edge trim is available in 10mm, 16mm & 25mm thicknesses to suit those thicknesses of polycarbonate. This trim is available in white and brown and in 3m and 4m lengths.


First push over the edge of your polycarbonate sheet. Specifically designed for use with the PVC capped rafter bar, the prongs on the bottom of the section snap into the grooves in the bottom of the aluminium base of the bar. Leave the slide in gasket out from the outside edge of the bar and replace it with this section.