Universal Edge Trim or Aluminium F section? Which is best for a rafter supported roof?

Both of these sections are used to create an end bar at the right and left edges of your rafter supported roof.

The powder coated aluminium one is obviously more expensive than its PVC cousin. Your choice should however, not be based purely on cost as each section has its own merits and is better used with specific glazing bars.

The Universal Edge Trim or PVC F section

This section was created specifically as a trim for PVC capped rafter bars. Designed to fill the outside of the bar to easily create an end bar. The two prongs on the underside of the section replace the gasket in the outside of the glazing bars, clipping into the place where it would have been. It is not designed to be used on its own as it has no structural strength and will not be effective against wind uplift. This trim will balance up the bar and create a neat waterproof finish.

When used as a sheet end closure the internal stops ensure a gap for ventilation and drainage.

The Aluminium F Section

The aluminium F Section is used with the aluminium capped rafter bars. Available in white, brown and anthracite grey this section is powder coated for a durable and superior finish. Designed to fill the outside of the bar to easily create an end bar, it will balance the bar and neatly cloak off the end of your roof.

Use with the leg facing downwards for an open ended roof edge or with the prong facing upwards if it is against a wall and you want to flash over it.

It is sometimes used instead of the end bar as a cheaper option as it is aluminium and has some structural strength. It is however not as strong and long lasting a solution and your fixings will be on show.


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