One final note on getting the heat down in your conservatory in the summer months…. Don’t wait until the heat builds up to an unbearable point before you open your roof vents. Automate your vents….

During the summer months the temperature can rise quickly causing the heat in your conservatory to build up fast. Let’s face it, we don’t get on with our daily lives and chores thinking constantly about our conservatory overheating. In fact, we probably don’t think about it at all until we want to relax with a sandwich at lunchtime, or sit and have a nice cool drink in the evening looking out at the garden. By this time its probably at least a little on the hot side!

The good news is that you can automate your vents with climate control. This will automatically open them when it starts to get too hot, and if it rains – OK so that can happen in a Great British summer – can close them for you too.

An extra bit of good news is that the Glazing Shop will give you 10% off all of your roof ventilation accessories during the summer months.