Last week we looked at the use of roof vents to release some of that heat build-up in your conservatory helping you to be able to use the room in the hot summer months.

Today we will look at another solution in the form of glazing materials which can help you to cool your conservatory in summer and keep the heat in during the colder months. 

A year round solution is to increase the thickness of your polycarbonate sheets whilst choosing a 'Heatguard' or 'Bronze Opal' sheet colour. These colour options are available in 25mm and 35mm sheet thicknesses and greatly reduce both the heat coming into your conservatory in the summer, as well as the heat being lost in the winter. 

A Heatguard sheet has a silvery anthracite grey upper surface and an opal inner.  Heat guard is a special treatment that is built into the top side of the polycarbonate sheet. The internal opal face of the polycarbonate sheet gives excellent reflective internal light.

Bronze-Opal is again a dual coloured polycarbonate sheet, this time with a bronze outer surface, that is particularly good for brown conservatories. It also has an opal tinted inner surface giving excellent reflective inner light.

Both of these sheets serve to reflect the sun’s rays helping to reduce heat build-up within the roof by up to 50% and to keep the heat in when it is colder.

The Glazing shop offers Heatguard and Bronze Opal in 25mm and 35mm sheet thicknesses. We also offer roof vents for both of these sheet thicknesses as well as for glass units. You can buy online or call us on 01536 446395, we are always happy to help and advise.