At this time of year when it is cold and damp many properties suffer from condensation. This is particularly as problem for older single glazed properties. This is both unsightly and unhealthy with damage often extending past the windows themselves. Curtains, blinds and the surrounding walls can develop dampness and even mould.

The good news is that this is an easy problem to solve. Ecoease Secondary glazing works by creating a layer of static trapped air between your cold glass and the inherently warmer PET glazing unit. As warm air falls within your room and hits the PET panel it doesn’t condense into moisture as it would if it hit the cold glass.

Provided you have created this static air you will reduce any condensation and in the vast majority of cases you will eliminate it all together.

Ecoease secondary glazing can be bought fully assembled and ready to fix to your window frames with our ‘Made to Measure’ system. Alternatively save even more money by assembling it yourself choosing on e of our our ‘DIY’ options.

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