Autumn is here - Save money on your heating bills by installing secondary glazing

As the summer has gone and the days are getting cooler and shorter, thoughts are turning back to those awful heating bills we had last year! 

If you live in an older property with single glazed, or inefficient double glazed, windows you will be losing a large amount of the heat you are generating, literally straight out of your windows. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to replace these windows with new double glazed ones. So, what can we do to make our homes warmer and cut our heating bills without breaking the bank?

The answer is Ecoease secondary glazing. This neat and discreet magnetic secondary glazing is a fraction of the cost of new windows. Also, as it is easily removable and doesn’t permanently change the fabric of your windows, you won’t need planning permissions even if you have a listed property.

Ecoease works by creating an air tight seal between your cold glass window and the warmer PET glazing panel. This creates extremely effective thermal insulation, reducing costly heat loss and warming up your room. This means your heating system isn’t constantly working overtime and you can cut your energy bills.

With Ecoease fitting is incredibly easy so you won’t need to pay tradesmen or need any special tools.  You don’t even need to be an ace DIYer and, as you aren’t screwing into your windows in any way, you won’t create extra work like redecoration! Measuring up your windows is simple, have a look at our measuring guide for tips!

So how do I go about giving Ecoease a try? Customers often try the windows in one room to see how well it works and then go on to order more.

There are two options available when ordering this magnetic secondary glazing, depending on how much you are prepared to do in making up the glazing panels. You can either buy it cut to size and fully made up (Made to Measure) which means it can be installed in minutes. Alternatively, you can buy the cut to size sheets and necessary components and make the panels up yourself (DIY secondary glazing), for even more savings.

If you need any advice on adding Ecoease secondary glazing to your windows please give us a call on 01536 446395 and we will be happy to help.