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Secondary Glazing - Made to Measure

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Our Made to Measure Secondary Glazing is fully made up for you. Ready for you to fit quickly and easily to your windows. The Ecoease system is a superior magnetic secondary glazing system. The system uses unique PVC edging for a discreet, attractive finish. Firstly, measure up your window frames using our helpful guide. Then order online for a 7 - 10 day lead time. Finally remove the films and offer up to your window frame. No DIY skills needed, no tools and no mess! With our magnetic secondary double glazing you will soon be enjoying a warmer, drier home. Best of all, it comes at a fraction of the cost of double glazing and will reduce your heating bills.

Made to Measure secondary glazing will:                                                           

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Read our guide to measuring your windows Read how easy they are to fit in our installation guide. Our current lead time is around 7 - 10 days. Order a free sample of Measure to Fit. 

Maximum  recommended size: 2m x 1.2m (please call for advice if larger sizes are needed.) 

To get an instant price, or to order online input your sizes below:

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Choose Made to measure magnetic secondary glazing to have the panels fully made up for you

Buy your Ecoease secondary glazing with our Made to Measure service and you get all the work done for you. The magnetic glazing panels are made up by our experts and delivered to your door. Simply offer them up and fix to your window frames. No DIY skills are required and no tools needed.  As it is a magnetic secondary glazing system, there are no messy changes to your windows as no drilling or screwing is required. It is easy to install, discreet and easy to remove.

Our Secondary Glazing system creates a a pocket of warm air between your glass window and the secondary glazing. This pocket of air helps to keep warm air in and cold air out. It also acts as a baffle against noise polution. In addition to this it does an amazing job of getting rid of condensation. This is due to the nature of the PET material which is warmer than glass. It gets rid of the cold surface that the condensation would form on. 

Particularly suited for listed or character properties where window alterations may be prohibited. Our PET secondary glazing allows you to keep the character of your windows. Magnetically attach to your windows for immediately warmer rooms and reduced bills.

Simply measure up your windows and order for a fast turnaround.

Want a closer look? Order a Free sample!


If you are a competant DIYer you can always make up the panels yourself for further savings. See our DIY assembly options!

Please note: Our secondary glazing panels are designed to sit on a window cill at the bottom. If you will not have support under the panel please use our fixing clips for additional support.

How to measure for your Magnetic secondary glazing

Follow our guide to where and how to measure for your secondary glazing

Down load and print off our easy measuring form so you can record your sizes ready for ordering


Fitting instructions for your secondary double glazing

Have a look at the easy to follow fitting instructions to see how you can install your panels in minutes


Secondary Glazing Factsheets

Read about the many benefits you can achieve by installing Ecoease secondary glazing on your windows.  Click on the following fact sheets for more information:


Thermal insulation to cut heat loss and warm up your rooms for lower energy bills

Eliminate condensation from your windows for a drier environment

Acoustic insulation for a more peaceful home 


The Ecoease secondary glazing system is thermally efficient. This helps you to save money on heating bills and improve the EPC performance of your home. In addition, our made to measure secondary glazing is ideal as a sustainable glazing option as it is totally recyclable.


The Ecoease secondary double glazing system uses PET glazing panels due to the following qualities:

       . Allows high levels of natural light
       . Excellent fire-resistance. Class 1 according to BS476 Part 6 – Acrylic sheet is only Class 4.
       . Light-weight. About half the weight of glass of the same thickness
       . Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance. More than 10% better than glass.
    . Safe for the environment. The most recycled plastic on the planet


The system uses unique PVC edging with neat edges and a discreet, attractive finish. With corner pieces to finish off the effect.

If you are a competant DIYer you can always make up the panels yourself for further savings. See our DIY assembly options!


How to clean my PET secondary glazing panels

PET secondary glazing panels should be cleaned using either warm soapy water or a mild furniture polish (one that does not contain alcohol.) Always use a damp soft cloth such as a microfibre one. Finally, never use anything abrasive to clean your PET your panels and never use a dry cloth.


Give us a call on 01536 446395 for further information on the system or for help in placing your order. Alternatively, you can order a free sample of our Secondary Glazing.