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DIY Secondary Glazing

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DIY Secondary Glazing allows you to save money on your heating bills by reducing heat loss through your windows. It also generally completely eliminates condensation and helps minimise sound transfer.

Choose from two DIY magnetic secondary glazing systems

Economy Glaze System

Our most affordable and economical DIY secondary glazing system. This uses our high performance, wonderfully clear PET glazing sheets with highest quality magnetic tapes. Available for either white or dark windows. To order:

  • Enter the sheet sizes you need
  • Select ‘tapes only’ from the ‘panel finish ‘ drop-down box
  • Add your choice of white or brown tapes to your order seperately

Premium Edged System

Order the separate parts of our superior, fully edged, DIY magnetic secondary glazing and assemble the panels yourself. Order as follows:

  • Give us the finished sizes you require
  • Choose whether you will be mitring the edging or using our corner cover pieces from the ‘panel finish’ drop down box. We will cut the sheets to the correct size for you depending on the finish you have chosen.
  • Select the lengths of edging you need (with magnetic tapes already attached)
  • Add the corners if you will be using them.

Measure your windows by following our easy measuring guide.

Maximum  recommended size: 2m x 1.2m (please call for advice if larger sizes are needed.) Our current lead time is around  2 weeks.

3mm PET sheets

Our highest quality PET sheets have high optical clarity with a glass like appearance, giving a discreet second glaze skin to your window. The sheets are UV stabilised giving them long term protection against fading in sunlight; they will not crack or deteriorate and are Class 1 fire rated.

Please enter the overall finished sizes you will require once the secondary glazing is assembled.

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Want us to make the panels up for you - choose our Made to Measure option.

Choose DIY assembly to save even more money

Secondary glazing will save you money by reducing heat loss through your windows. This is achieved by creating a layer of static air between your original glass and the warmer PET secondary glazing panel.  This buffer will minimise heat transfer which will lead to warmer rooms and help lower your heating bills! This DIY secondary glazing will also virtually eliminate condensation and reduce outside noise. Save yourself money without compromising on the benefits of secondary glazing by making it up yourself.

Ecoease Economy Glaze Secondary Glazing  - Assembly & fitting advice

Assembly couldn’t be easier if you choose our highly affordable Economy Glaze system. Have a look at the fitting instructions for:


Assembly & Fitting Instructions - Economy Glaze - White Windows

Assembly & Fitting Instructions - Economy Glaze - Dark windows

Ecoease superior fully edged secondary glazing system  - Assembly & fitting advice

Alternatively, enjoy the Ecoease superior edged secondary glazing system for a fraction of the price. If you have basic DIY skills you can make the complete secondary glazing panels up at home. Making them up yourself gives you the option to mitre the edging at the corners if you prefer or you can use the corner cover pieces. 


Assembly & Installation Instructions - DIY Premium Edged system with corner cover pieces

Assembly & Installation Instructions - DIY Premium Edged system - Mitred finish


Whatever system you choose, your secondary glazing will give you a discreet finish that is designed to last.


If you want this system made up for your ready to attach to your window frames check out our Made to measure Secondary Glazing.

Measuring for your DIY Secondary Glazing

Handy advice and tips for measuring windows for Ecoease secondary glazing can be found below:


Where and how to measure for our secondary glazing system. 

Easy window measuring form – download and print our handy form and use it to record your measurements.


Secondary Glazing Factsheets

There are many benefits to be gained by installing our Ecoease secondary glazing on your windows. Find out more information on each benefit on the following fact sheets:


Thermal insulation for warmer rooms and lower energy bills

Get rid of condensation from your windows

Sound insulation for a more peaceful home environment


The Ecoease DIY secondary glazing system uses PET (polyethyleneterephthalate) glazing panels.

Due to the following qualities:

       . Excellent fire-resistance. Class 1 according to BS476 Part 6 and is self extinguishing. Acrylic sheet is only Class 4.
       . Light-weight. About half the weight of glass of the same thickness.
       . Excellent heat and sound insulation performance. More than 10% better than glass.
       . Safe for the environment. The most recyclable plastic on the planet
       . Very high impact resistance 


Follow these steps for ordering your DIY glazing:                          

 . Measure your windows - see our simple measuring guide for tips on where and how to measure.
 . Give us the finished sizes you want once your panels are made up - length and width
 . Choose the finish you will have from the drop down box. This allows us to make the correct adjustments to the sheet sizes to arrive at the panel size you want once you make it up
 . Choose the magnetic tapes you need
 . Or, if using our edging (with tapes pre attached) choose the length and number of edging strips you require for white windows 
 . Add your white corners if you require them

Want us to make the panels up for you completely - choose our Made to Measure option.

Please note: Our DIY Secondary glazing panels are designed to sit on a window cill at the bottom. If you will not have support under the panel please use our fixing clips for additional support.

How to clean my PET secondary glazing panels

PET secondary glazing panels should be cleaned using either warm soapy water or a mild furniture polish (one that does not contain alcohol.) Always use a damp soft cloth such as a microfibre one. Finally, never use anything abrasive to clean your PET your panels and never use a dry cloth.