We are often asked if you need planning permission for secondary glazing, or if it is permitted on Listed buildings. If the system makes permanent changes to the structure of the windows then it would be needed. However, our magnetically attached system is not classed as a permanent feature as you can easily remove it. This means no planning consent or permissions are required.

This system is particularly suited to older properties where single glazing is commonplace. You can keep the beauty of your characterful windows but significantly improve their performance. In character and Listed buildings where planning restrictions are often in place, magnetic secondary glazing comes into its own.

Ecoease secondary glazing has been applied to 200 year old cottages to Scottish castles, from stately homes to large country estates.

It will improve the thermal and acoustic performance of the older windows. Also the drier warmer space between the panel and the existing window helps to reduce the incidence of mould and condensation.

The panels are more discreet than many permanent forms of secondary glazing which can be quite bulky.

Installation is a breeze, with no tools needed and no mess.

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