Lean To Roof Kits

The Glazing Shop offers a wide range of Lean To roof kits. They provide you with all the components you need to install a lean to conservatory roof. This quality self supporting roof system is available in white or brown. It is also available in 16mm, 25mm and 35mm polycarbonate glazing. The polycarbonate sheets are available in clear, bronze and opal. However, we can supply Bronze Opal and Heatguard Opal options at additional cost.

We offer a range of unglazed lean to roof kits that can be used with glass units. Please contact us for more details. The projection of our DIY conservatory lean to roof kits are the roof bar lengths not the horizontal measurement across the ground.

All roof kits include a Wall Plate, an Eaves Beam (or Ring Beam) and dedicated intermediate and end self supporting Glazing Bars. The kit also includes multi-wall polycarbonate roofing sheets cut to size for your roof kit and PVC sheet closures to protect the front edge of the sheets from dust and moisture.

If you would like to add roof ventilation to your order please click here or on the Roof Vents link below.

Buying a roof kit from the Glazing Shop gives you ease of ordering and peace of mind. We work out all of the sizes and lengths for you for the set sizes shown. If you want to build your own lean to roof for another set of sizes please contact us. Alternatively place your components order online from our Self Support Roofing or Rafter Bars Categories.

Please choose the thickness of glazing for your roof kit below

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