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35mm Polycarbonate Sheets Heatguard and Bronze Opal

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35mm dual tint polycarbonate sheets were specially created for use in conservatories due to their very high insulating properties. Our top of the range sheets. They are very strong with 200x the impact resistance of glass yet they are much lighter weight & easy to handle. 35mm polycarbonate sheets from The Glazing Shop have a 10 year warranty. 

Heatguard dual tinted polycarbonate has a special treatment that is built into the top side of the polycarbonate sheet. This silver-grey external face serves to reflect the suns rays helping to reduce heat build up within the roof by up to 50%.  The internal face of the polycarbonate sheet is opal tinted. This allows for excellent reflective internal light.

Bronze-Opal is a dual coloured polycarbonate sheet with a bronze outer surface for extra insulating performance and an opal tinted inner surface giving excellent reflective inner light

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35mm Dual Tint Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting

This remarkable high insulating glazing sheet is made from damage resistant polycarbonate. We recommend the sheets are a maximum of 1200mm width between supports, these will need to be smaller if used in a canopy. It also has added co-extruded long life protection from the effects of UV rays. 35mm Polycarbonate sheet has very high impact resistance. Also fine optical clarity and excellent fire performance. A high performance UV absorption layer means longer life and prevention of yellowing and loss of strength. Polycarbonate offers excellent protection against vandalism and accidental damage. Such as an impact resistance up to 200 times greater than glass. This is maintained over a broad temperature range and long service life.

Main Benefits

       . Highly thermally insulating
       . Very Energy saving
       . Soft diffused lighting effects
       . Lighter weight and easier to handle than glass
    . Damage and impact resistance
    . Longlife UV protection
    . Excellent fire performance - Class 1 surface spread of flame when tested to BS476 Part 7       
    . 10 year warranty


       . Conservatory roofs
       . Industrial Rooflights
       . Swimming Pool Room roofs 


Dual Tinted Options: Bronze–Opal & Heatguard

Offering dual-layer colour combinations in the same multiwall polycarbonate sheet reduces heat build up. Also solar glare is reduced while providing soft, diffused natural daylight. A heat controlling outer layer is effective in reducing solar heat gain through the roof by up to 50%. This property combined with a light diffusing opal interior adds to the aesthetics and ambience of any conservatory, lean-to roof or veranda. Dual tint options include Heatguard and Bronze Opal to provide a comfortable cool and naturally lit interior space.


Heat guard is a special treatment that is built into the top side of the polycarbonate sheet. This serves to reflect the suns rays helping to reduce heat build up within the roof by up to 50%. The internal face of the polycarbonate sheet is opal tinted. This results in excellent reflective internal light.


Bronze-Opal is a dual coloured polycarbonate sheet with a bronze outer surface and an opal tinted inner surface. Giving excellent reflective inner light.

Glazing bars for 35mm multi-wall polycarbonate

35mm polycarbonate can be used with ‘rafter supported’ and ‘self-supporting’ glazing systems.

In rafter supported roofs, wooden rafters carry the glazing bars, and the bars are screwed into these rafters along their lengths. The rafters are responsible for supporting the glazing on the roof. The rafter glazing bars we recommend for 35mm polycarbonate sheets are our aluminium capped ones. We supply these in 50mm and 60mm widths and in a range of lengths and colours.

Self-supporting glazing bars do not need rafters for support as they have their own structural strength to do this.

Our self-supporting glazing bars are also available in a wide range of colours and lengths. They are supplied in dedicated main bars and end bars. These self-support bars, and all the other profiles needed to build a self-supported lean to roof, can be found in the self-support roofing area of the site.

Other items needed for a 35mm polycarbonate roof

Rafter supported roofs primarily need rafter glazing bars. For 35mm polycarbonate we recommend our aluminium capped rafter bars. Your roof will begin and end with glazing bars and you will have glazing bars between each sheet. The end bars are created by adding a 35mm aluminium F section to the outside of the bar. These trims will balance up the empty outside of the first and last bars and neatly cloak off the ends of your roof.

You will also need 35mm sheet end closures to prevent moisture getting into the bottom ends of the sheets. These are pushed on over the anti-dust tape.

35mm self-supported lean-to roofs use main / intermediate bars between the sheets of your roof. They also have dedicated end bars complete with the trims to cloak off the ends of your roof. You will also need 35mm sheet end closures to keep moisture out of the bottom of your sheets. These are fitted over the anti-dust tape.

There are also dedicated wall plates and system eaves beams for the higher and lower ends of the roof. The wall plate is used to fix it to your wall and an eaves beam for the lower, front end where the gutter will be attached.

For extra information about all of the thicknesses of structured polycarbonate, their colours, applications and prices, or to place an order have a look at the polycarbonate sheets pages. Alternatively have a read through our Polycarbonate Buyers guide.


Should you have any questions or need any help at all please call us on 01536 446395 and we will be very happy to help you.

35mm Dual Tint Polycarbonate Technical Information Summary

35mm Polycarbonate Sheet Thickness
  Heatguard Bronze Opal
U-Value 1.2 1.2
Light Transmission 4% 7%
Weight (kg per sqm) 3.9 3.9


Sheet Structure:

35mm seven-wall polycarbonate


BS476/7: Class 1

UV Protection:

Yes co-extruded at the top of the sheet – the sheet must be installed with the UV protected side upwards. The bronze side of the bronze-opal sheet faces the sky; the silver-grey side of the heatguard sheet faces the sky.

Cutting Tolerance:

Length & Width: +/-5mm


10 years manufacturers limited warranty

Additional Manufacturers information

Please open or download the following pdfs

Marlon st Polycarbonate Specification Sheet - 32mm & 35mm sheets (all colours)

Frequently Asked questions


What is 35mm ‘dual tint’ polycarbonate?

A dual tinted polycarbonate sheet has two layers of colour within its structure. The top, coloured layer offers extra thermal insulation reflecting the sun’s rays to prevent heat build-up. The lower layer is opal to help bounce light around underneath it.

What is 35mm ‘multi wall’ polycarbonate?

Structure of 35mm heatguard polycarbonate Multi-wall refers to the structure of the polycarbonate sheet which is made up of walls and cavities otherwise known as flutes. 35mm polycarbonate has seven walls. This structure makes it lighter weight and it is easier to handle compared to glass. This multi-wall structure also insulates the sheet making it the perfect choice for conservatory roofs.

Which are the length and width of a polycarbonate sheet?

Length and width of 35mm heatguard polcarbonate sheets

The length follows the lines down the flutes of the sheet and the width is across them. The maximum sheet length is 7m and the maximum width is 2.1m. We cut your sheets down to the size you need at no extra cost, saving you time and inconvenience on site.

Is there a correct way up for installing 35mm dual tint polycarbonate?

The bronze or silver-grey surface of the sheet has a co-extruded UV protective layer. The sheet must be placed with this at the top and the opal layer underneath.

Do 35mm polycarbonate sheets need to be taped?

Yes, the open ends of all 35mm sheets used in an outside location need to be taped to prevent dust and insects getting into the flutes. We tape all our 35mm sheets for you at no extra cost. If you will cut your sheets down again on site, you will need to buy 35mm anti dust tape to retape the bottom of the sheets.

What colour of 35mm polycarbonate sheets should I choose?

35mm polycarbonate is available in a wide range of colours. It is available in the standard colours of clear, opal and bronze. It is also available in dual tints, with a choice of Heatguard Opal and Bronze Opal.

35mm heatguard polycarbonate is a dual tinted sheet which has a silver-grey top surface and an opal lower one. This colour is ideal for conservatories as it has excellent insulation properties. The upper surface reflects the sun’s rays to reduce heat build-up by up to 50%. It also helps to keep heat in on colder days. Light transmission is 4% however, the opal inner surface reflects the light and bounces it around to help keep the interior brighter.

35mm Bronze-Opal polycarbonate is a dual-tinted polycarbonate sheet with a bronze upper surface and an opal tinted lower one. Another perfect colour choice for a conservatory as the bronze surface reflects the sun’s rays offering excellent thermal insulation. With a light transmission of 7%, the opal inner surface helps light to reflect off it and keep the internal area lighter.

35mm clear polycarbonate has the highest light transmission at 63%, it allows lots of light to shine through. Due to its fluted make up, clear polycarbonate will allow a diffused view of the sky. Leaves and other debris will be more visible through it than with other tints.

35mm opal polycarbonate has a translucent whitish appearance, not unlike that of an opal light bulb. With a light transmission of 33%, it allows a softer light through it. The translucency offers privacy, for example, if you have a canopy that will be overlooked from above, and you wish to obscure the view, this will work perfectly. This opaque quality also helps to make any leaves or debris less viable from below.

35mm bronze polycarbonate is a bronze / brown tinted sheet. This colour is most frequently used with brown glazing bars and accessories to tie in aesthetically with brown windows or conservatories. With a light transmission of 7%, 35mm bronze polycarbonate will give the most shade of the three single tints.

What projects is 35mm heatguard or bronze-opal polycarbonate suitable for?

35mm heatguard and bronze-opal polycarbonate sheets were designed specifically for conservatory roofs. They have excellent thermal insulation properties due both to their structure, and the dual tinted nature of the sheet.

They are also a smart choice for industrial and commercial roofing and rooflights.

The 35mm dual tint polycarbonate sheets from the Glazing shop are amongst the cheapest - does that mean they are lower quality?

Absolutely not! Our 35mm polycarbonate dual tint sheets are from the best suppliers. We have been selling sheets for many years and the volumes that we supply gives us excellent buying power. We pass these savings on to our customers.

Does 35mm dual tint polycarbonate from the Glazing shop come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

All the polycarbonate sheets from the Glazing shop have a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.