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The Sandringham Overdoor Canopy

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This straight edged, modern door canopy comes in a variety of size options and can be personalised with brackets to suit the style of your home. With an attractive deep fascia, this canopy has a strong, clean lines for a high end finish. Made from durable and low maintenance GRP, this over door canopy will give you an elegant and sheltered entrance that is built to last.

Please click on the drop-down boxes below to see which options are available for our Sandringham Overdoor Canopy.

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The Sandringham Front door canopy

The Sandringham door canopy looks great as a porch for a traditional property as well as a new build home. Our GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) overdoor canopies are incredibly durable and can withstand even the harshest winter weather, including heavy rain and snow. Built to last and easy to install, our Sandringham door canopy is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable solution for your home.

With it's generous sized roof, the Sandringham over door canopy also helps to keep your doorway shaded when entering your home and also sheltering you from the rain.

This overdoor canopy has a Grey roof and a white soffit as standard.

Additional soffit colours of Anthracite grey, Black, Dark Mahogany and Light Oak are available at additional cost - please contact the sales office for details.

Some features of the Sandringham over door canopy include:

• Easy to install
• Tile effect roof in brown or grey
• Optional brackets

Fixing Kits are also available for fixing into the following surfaces:

• Brick
• Concrete Block
• Timber
• Render
• Other – Please specify

Our fixing kits contain the relevant washers, screws, cover caps and mastic to match the canopy and surface the canopy will be fixed onto.

Bracket information for the Sandringham front door canopies

Gallows bracket and techincal drawing

Gallows Brackets

Gallows Bracket Standard 1: (A) Projection 375mm x (B) Height 475mm(C) Width 68mm

Gallows Bracket Standard 2: (A) Projection 500mm x (B) Height 580mm(C) Width 68mm

Gallows Bracket Specification Sheet



Small decorative bracket with technical drawing

Small Decorative Brackets

Small Decorative Bracket 1: (A) Projection 380mm x (B) Height 155mm(C) Width 110mm

Small Decorative Bracket 2: (A) Projection 520mm x (B) Height 155mm(C) Width 110mm

Small Decorative Bracket Specification Sheet



Large decorative bracket with technical drawing

Large Decorative Brackets

Large Decorative Bracket 1: (A) Projection 345mm x (B) Height 500mm(C) Width 120mm

Large Decorative Bracket 2: (A) Projection 390mm x (B) Height 500mm(C) Width 120mm

Large Decorative Brackets Specification Sheet



Lane end bracket with technical drawing

Lane End Brackets

Lane End Bracket: (A) Projection 365mm x (B) Height 365mm(C) Width 80mm

Lane End Brackets Specification Sheet




Keepmoat bracket with technical drawing

Keepmoat Brackets

Keepmoat Bracket: (A) Projection 180mm x (B) Height 200mm(C) Width 125mm

Keepmoat Brackets Specification Sheet




Dentil bracket with technical drawing

Dentil Brackets

Dentil Bracket: (A) Projection 580mm x (B) Height 680mm(C) Width 120mm

Dentil Brackets Specification Sheet




Barge bracket with technical drawing

Barge Brackets

Barge Bracket: (A) Projection 625mm x (B) Height 700mm(C) Width 75mm

Barge Bracket Specification Sheet