Once you have chosen the rafter bars for your timber roof you need a number of trims to complete the project. These will finish off your roof and give it that “professional” look.

Sheet End Closures

PVC Sheet end closures protect the bottom open edge of the polycarbonate sheet and prevent moisture getting up into the chambers. The sheet must be taped first to keep dust and insects out and then the sheet closures push on top. They are pushed onto the sheet between the Glazing Bars. If your roof is free standing rather than a Lean To, the top end of the sheet will also be open and will need sheet closures too. These sheet closures are vital as if you get moisture into your sheets it can create mould and turn the flutes black. These are available in white or brown or anthracite grey.

Universal Edge Trim

This clever profile is used on the left and right hand edges of the roof to create an end bar. This will balance up the empty side of the bar and cloak it off neatly. This section was specifically designed to be used with the PVC capped rafter bar. When fitting it you will leave the base gasket out of the outside of the bar. The Universal Edge Trim has  “lugs” in the bottom that clip into the channel where the gasket would have been. This means that once fitted it is very secure and neat. This section is just a trim and should not be used without a glazing bar as it has no structural strength and will not properly resist wind uplift. The universal edge trim is available in white and brown.

Aluminium F Sections

F Sections work in a similar way to the Universal Edge Trim in that they balance and finish off the left and right edges of the roof. They are more of a high end product and would be used with aluminium capped rafter bars. F Sections can also be used as end closures fitted along the front (or rear) end of the sheets. These F sections are available in white or brown or anthracite grey.

Fixing Buttons

Fixing Buttons are available in a range of sizes to suit the polycarbonate sheet thickness you are using. Fixing Buttons are used where the cross rafters are located to provide additional protection against the sheets lifting in windy weather. Polystyrene rings are supplied in the fixings pack to allow for expansion and contraction of the sheet in changing temperatures. They are available in White, Brown and Anthracite grey.

Anti Dust tape

You will need anti-dust tape if you are going to cut your sheets down on site. Anti dust tape is fitted to the bottom end of your polycarbonate sheet, the end that generally goes to a gutter. This tape is an aluminium one that prevents the ingress of dust and insects. It is perforated to help the sheet breathe. There is a dedicated tape for each polycarbonate thickness, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm and 35mm multi-wall polycarbonate sheets.

If you require further advice or would like someone to help you choose the right components for your job please call 01536 446395 and we will be happy to help.