Secondary Glazing

Ecoease Secondary Glazing SystemSecondary glazing from the The Glazing shop is a discreet, high quality magnetic secondary glazing system helping you to cut your energy bills. This neat system insulates your windows and clears condensation. Our magnetic secondary double glazing panels are designed to fit to the inside of your existing window frames. They create a constant seal against the cold and trap air as an effective thermal and acoustic barrier. Eco-friendly, the Ecoease secondary glazing panels are made from PET which is fully recyclable and encourages the maintenance, not replacement, of your current windows.

The benefits of secondary glazing are widely recognised:

  • Reduce heat loss for warmer rooms - Lower energy bills - up to 25% - more information
  • Eliminate condensation on your windows. Saves time on ‘mopping up’ and protects your curtains and walls from unhealthy mould and damage - more information
  • Insulates sound - can significantly reduce outside noise - more information

Choose Made to Measure for units which are fully made up and ready to attach to your window frames. Choose DIY if you want to make up the secondary glazing panels yourself.

Save 10% on our Made to Measure system throughout May - use the code ECO10 at the checkout.

Choose DIY if you want to make up the secondary glazing panels yourself.

Please click on the links below for more information and to order online. Our current lead time is around 7 to 10 days.

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